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Phyto phytoaxil fortifying intensive care
Phyto phytoaxil fortifying intensive care
By Phyto
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with patented Phytoactive concentrate Proven Efficacy PHYTOAXIL® combines 2 patented botanical active principles to act on both hair and scalp. The first of these active principles, 100% botanical, is patented under the name of PHYTOAXIL® which lends its name to the product. Its protective and soothing properties regenerate and fortify the scalp. Its action work together with the patented Solanum glycoproteins.This botanical active principle tones and invigorates the hair. A dual action providing double the effectiveness. PHYTOAXIL® thickens the hair and makes it fuller. Thinning Hair The life cycle of each hair follows a natural pattern of birth, life and death. More than two months can go by before a dead hair falls out. When an individual is tired, sick or recovering from an illness, the hair and scalp can suffer, becoming lackluster, fragile and difficult to style. The appearance of the hair needs to be improved. It is important to work on this problem from the outside by giving hair more volume. PHYTO products bring the most potent active ingredients from the botanical world to your hair through Phytotherathrie, the science of haircare through plants. PHYTO will help maintain the healthy appearance of your hair and reveal its full beauty. Through its botanical formulas, PHYTO provides a natural and precise solution for the needs of each hair type. Ongoing research and close collaboration with scientists enable Laboratories Phystosolba to continually develop innovative haircare products with clinically proven results. Environmentally conscious, PHYTO only uses glass bottles and aluminum tubes, which also help protect its formulas rich in active ingredients and limit the use of preservatives. PHYTO does not test products on animals.
Highest Quality Thinning Hair available