Melancor-nh 1200mg 60t
Melancor-nh 1200mg 60t
By Melancor
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Melancor-NH is a complex break through formula that has been clinically tested to work at the root and scalp of the hair to: Reduce the appearance of gray hair in men and women Invigorate natural and stronger hair growth Rejuvenate premature gray hair naturally Reverse hair thinning and receding hair line Revitalize natural hair color in men and women Fortify hair pigments and dead cells deep in the scalp Restores natural color and youthful appearance Revive hair pigments and cells at the root of the problem Melancor-NH is an all natural internal supplement that treats gray hair, supports the growth of natural hair color and stops the growth of gray hair by helping the body to produce its natural melanin while it nurtures hair pigments and hair follicles in both men and women. It also uses natural ingredients in its proprietary formula to block DHT and to help stop hair loss and promote natural hair color growth. Based on a premier proprietary formulation approach, the all natural herbs and nutrients in this proprietary blend have a long history of safe and benefiecal use. Melancor-NH can be used daily because it does not contain any harsh chemicals or unnatural ingredients. While Melancor does not accept a "quick fix" method to hair loss and the treatment of gray hair, regular use of Melancor-NH will complement natural approach that includes improved overall natural hair color, excellent hair growth and healthy pigments and hair follicles. Melancor-NH is
60 Tablets
Serving Size: 1 tablet
60 Servings Per Container