Hairgenesis softgels
Hairgenesis softgels
By Genesis
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The Hair GenesisTM New Maxmium Strength Oral Softgel TM is a critical component of the Hair GenesisTM system. Hair GenesisTM Softgels are designed to be taken orally and work in conjunction with the Hair GenesisTM Product Line. Building on the success of the foundational formula - and after years of follow up research - the Hair GenesisTM Oral Softgels have recently been dramatically improved and now provide a suite of newly recognized botanical substances that work together to strengthen and protect your hair better than ever before.
While results from Hair GenesisTM have been reported in as little as two months, a six-month period of use is strongly recommended in order to assess the benefit Hair GenesisTM is providing.
30 tablets/bottle for one month supply.
HairGenesis® Generation New Maxmium Strength Oral Softgel can be thought of as a super hair vitamin