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Viviscal scalp lotion - 75 ml
Viviscal scalp lotion - 75 ml
By Viviscal
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Viviscal Scalp Lotion nourishes and stimulates the hair follicles from the outside and is beneficial for the blood circulation in the scalp thereby enhancing the effect of the tablets. The scalp lotion is administered topically simply through applying it on the troubled spots. The lotion is an important addition to the tablets when treating a case of severe hair loss.A concentrated, clean-smelling lotion, which blends the active ingredients of Viviscal with a number of other dynamic compounds. It is not greasy, and it handles well; most find it very soothing to the touch. It comes in 75 ml containers, which make up a month’s supply (you don’t need to take very much; it’s potent.) It’s the hair loss product massaged directly into the scalp and gets to the root of the problem.If you're in a particular hurry to see results, or just want to create the optimum hair growing environments, you'll want to add the Viviscal Scalp Lotion to the tablets.Apply the lotion carefully onto the scalp as regularly as possible before bed time and let it work overnight. It may be rinsed off in the morning, all according to preference. The effective ingredients of Viviscal will absorb easily in the skin all the way to the papilla. So there is no doubt that diligent and determined use is worth the trouble!Viviscal Scalp Lotion will enhance the effectiveness of the Viviscal Tablets
Brand: Aurora Group
Pack Size: 8 fl oz (237 ml)