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Hairtopia basic (vitamins & amino acids)
Hairtopia basic (vitamins & amino acids)
By Hairtopia
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HairTopia Basic is a scientifically designed vitamin, mineral and amino acids program to enhance your bodies ability to grow hair. HairTopia Basic ensures that all the essential nutrients for hair growth are available to your body so that you can achieve your genetically predetermined maximum growth rate (GPMGR). Most people never come close to their GPMGR due to a variety of factors including... poor nutrition, stress, lack of sleep, alcohol, smoking, etc. HairTopia is designed to ensure that all the vital nutrients, many of which are robbed from the body by bad habits, are available to the body in the correct proportions to facilitate the body's ability to grow hair. Includes:A 30 day supply of HairTopia Basic - 1 Bottle of Vitamins & Minerals (60 Capsules per bottle), 2 Bottles of Amino Acids (90 Capsules per bottle).
30 Day Supply of Vitamin, Minerals & Amino Acids Hair Growth Formula
Small, easy to digest capsules for quick absorption.
MSM for enhanced hair growth.
No fillers, iron or niacin flushing.
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