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Indicated for men with advanced androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness of 4 or greater on the Norwood scale), Spectral.DNC-L combines all the latest science into one convenient formula to re-grow hair via multiple pathways.More than minoxidil alone, this high-performance breakthrough delivers the most aggressive, powerful and effective topical treatment to retain and re-grow hair because it fuses a wide spectrum of clinically-proven compounds. In a cream base for easy application without dripping, Spectral.DNC-L contains research-grade minoxidil, plus 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors, arginine, retinol, Aminexil and more.Spectral.DNC-L delivers pure extracts through advanced nanosome encapsulation. With this proprietary technology, micro-spheres of organic liposomeā200 times smaller than a human skin cellādeposit active compounds deep within the scalp. While common creams and lotions just sit on the surface, tiny nanosomes fuse with affected tissues, dissolving gradually over 12 hours and targeting compounds for maximum performance. This coordinated attack against baldness means that Spectral.DNC-L can protect against damage, slow hair loss, improve follicle health, and grow new hair longer, thicker and faster than any other product. So you get to keep the hair you have, regrow the hair you lost.
The most aggressive, most powerful, most effective topical treatment to retain and regrow hair.