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Philip b. rejuvenating oil
Philip b. rejuvenating oil
By Philip b.
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This intensive treatment closely replicates the scalps own natural oils with a blend of carrier oils and essential oils derived from plants and flowers. Moisturizes hair and scalp, penetrating deeply into the hair shaft to revive, strengthen and restore hair's health. Product Details: Natural essential and carrier oils of ten plants and flowers. Directions: 1. Brush hair thoroughly with a boar bristle brush. 2. Taking one inch sections of dry, unwashed hair, apply oil liberally to the point of saturation, work it in with your fingers, concentrating two inches from the scalp through the ends. For additional benefit, heat oiled hair with a blow dryer for one to two minutes. For Leave On Dry 20-45 min. Dry to Damaged 45 min.-2 hrs. Deep Conditioning 2 hrs.-15 hrs. 3. Before wetting hair, apply Philip B® Peppermint and Avocado Shampoo and massage into hair for two to three minutes to release excess oil from hairshaft. Use a small amount of water to lather. Rinse with warm water. Repeat with a light shampoo if necessary. 4.Use Philip B® Deep Conditioning Creme Rinse and leave on for a minute. Rinse well. 5. Finish with a dash of Philip B® Detangling Finishing Rinse on the ends. Dry and style as usual. Notice softness, bounce, and shine immediately. Paraben Free Formula!
Heals and perfects scalp and hair!