BEAUTY 21 Acrylic Pro Kit
BEAUTY 21 Acrylic Pro Kit
By Beauty 21
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BEAUTY 21 Acrylic Pro Kit.
Application Instructions:
1. Remove all polish. Cut the nail and round the corners.
2. Match the nail tip with your own nail.
3. Place ½ drop of glue down the center of the natural nail. Place the nail tip on the nail and press down. Make sure the glue is spread evenly.
4. Gently file or buff the ridge so the nail tip, cut straight across. Never cut at angles or to points.
5. Apply primer on base of nail.
6. Dip brush into liquid. Use small amount of liquid for application of product.
7. Dip tip of brush into power and apply to nail. Pat mix
8. Allow product to dry thoroughly
9. Shape nail and use sander to smooth entire surface.
10. Wash hands thoroughly. Allow to dry.
11. Apply base coat, polish and top coat or sealer.