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ECSTASY Professional Turbo Hair Dryer (Model:XTC55)
ECSTASY Professional Turbo Hair Dryer (Model:XTC55)
By Ecstasy
List Price: $13.00
Sale Price: $10.00


World class quality for professionals who work in the demanding salon environment.11 Major Design Advances for World Class Performances, Durability and Comfort.SWITCHES:1. Better quality switches have been proven to last up to 50% longer than switches used on the leading dryer. 2. Better switch placement - switches are located high on the rear of handle to stay out of the way of your hand as you grip dryer, yet easily accessible for changing heats or speeds.3. Better switch design - switches are recessed in to handle to prevent accidental changing of heat or speed settings.POWER CORD - Maximum Cord strain protection - Innovative reinforced cord guard transfers strain down cord, away from primary cord stress area. Improved cord quality - Super heavy-duty cord. What you need fo rall-day, everyday use.DURABILITY:1. Superior housing construction - Dryer is 10% thicker n key areas, providing added protection for internal parts when dryer is dropped.2. Added motor protection - Motors attachment to dryer, housing is reinforced to provide extra protection when dryer is dropped. Thicker housing also adds motor protection.HANDLE COMFORT:1. More comfortable handle design - Handle is free of obstructions, providing a perfect grip. Molded finger grips for fits like a glove" comfort.2. Padded handle - Unique padded handle back to raddled comfort and more secure grip.LINT FILTER COVER:1. Easier-to-use-cover - Just twist a uarter turn to remove or attach.2. More durable desing - No breakable tabs or snaps.Professional Features:- Heavy Duty AC motor -quiet